Support for a webinar

Hi all,

We are thinking of supporting a webinar using jitsi for 500 participants. Only 5 would be with video and audio. All others would be on both audio and video mute. We’ll keep everyone on mute at the start. Since each participant would be receiving 5 streams this scenario should be possible to support in jitsi. Or are we missing something here?

@damencho replied the following for the private message that we asked.

“If you want 500 participants in one call, we would recommend using youtube streaming. The current UI is not optimized for such a big conference. We are working on that.
For such an audience you will need a deployment with many bridges so you can split the conference on several … for example 10… and the UI to be optimized for such case”

What we are thinking is to setup Octo with 10 videobridges and they will communicate between the bridges using Octo. Does jicofo balance the load between the bridges for the same room?
We believe we can manage the UI.

Team Telzee

Yes, when octo is enabled.

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Thank you!

Btw can you briefly describe as to what we should be expecting and what needs to be fixed on UI for webinar?

@damencho If I understand correctly the only problem is in the UI? The server can support an audience of 500+ participants (with multiple bridges + octo), is that right?

Yes, If you have enough bridges using octo.