Support another video stream as youtube video sharing

How to add video sharing option as currently youtube sharing is available in jisti meet
for example if we have an stream so user can share any video among the connected people in a conference


If your client is Debian, this post may be helpful

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In the docker jitsi meet what would be steps to provide option for any video sharing into the web interface and mobile application

Hello emrah

As you have mentioned in that post that it is for desktop application but how can we add video sharing option into docker-jitsi-meet

I have no idea

hello Jaya Allamsetty can you help in that ,how to share any video as like youtube sharing option is available currently in jitsi (Web and App)
and for that we have video’s which are hosted on a media server in the same format and we also have video URL available so how can we add this functionality from UI side

thanks in advance