Suporte pós implementação em produção

Existe algum representante comercial da solução? Isso porque trabalho no bradesco e precisamos conhecer quem dá o suporte após a implementação e, inclusive, para avaliar as ideias e melhoritas na solução.

If you need commercial support for Jitsi, you might want to consider using Jitsi As A Service. You can contact a sales rep here:

Jitsi itself is an Open Source product; if you choose to deploy Jitsi yourself then it is down to your own IT/engineering team to support the deployment and keeping it up-to-date with latest releases. This forum will be where your IT team can search for a wealth of resources or to seek help from the community.

If you prefer to work with contractors to help set up and maintain your own deployment, there is also a Paid Work category in this forum where you can reach out to expects in the community that might be open to the opportunity

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