Suddenly shared screen is hard to read (blurred) -

Hello, does anybody know, why since around 2 weeks suddenly shared screens are not sharply seen anymore? is there a change of servers? or can I change that anyhow? Thank you for helping me…

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You can now change the screen sharing frame rate dynamically. Just go to settings and in the “More” tab, select a higher framerate.

Screen Shot 2021-07-14 at 11.03.15 AM

Note that as the instruction states, you’ll need to restart the screenshare if you’re already sharing, for the new settings to go into effect.

Thank you. I have seen and tried that already, but it doesn’t make any change.
I let my students try as well, no change; we dont see a good picture - can’t bring it into focus…
I’ve used the whole last year, and it was always working fine.
now since about 2 weeks cannot be focused anymore.

Any changes from the side of jitsi? new provider? New server?
It’s really a shame, because I was so happy to use jitsi (instead of Big Blu Button…)

I’m really looking forward, if someone has an Idea…

We identified an issue about that and fix is already merged, and today or tomorrow the fix will be out on
Thank you for the report.

jippieh - thank you very much

Could you share some information about the nature of this bug and the correct fix (we are seeing something similiar on our jitsi instance from time to time)