Subdomains and meeting url

hi all,

i’ve installed jitsi-meet by quick install.
and followed this guide

now i have admin,server,com and .
on admin,server,com only registered prosody users can start a meeting.
on user,server,com is the url where people join meetings. that cannot initiate a meeting, join only.

so far so good.

is it possible to configure jitsi to change the meeting url shown in the gui from admin,server,com to user,server,com when the admin creates a meeting? So the “admin” does not manually have to change the meeting URL before sending it to the users.

(sorry for the “,” form wont let me post with many a.b.c)

Have you already configured the config.js file correctly?

var config = {
    hosts: {
            domain: '',
            anonymousdomain: '',

yes i have.
and this is working fine.

so what i would like to do is customize the URL that is shown in the gui of the “admin” user, so that it reflects the URL that an anonymous user would use.

The use case is that the meeting initiator can directly copy/past the right url to anonymous users.


I think this is generated based on whatever is in person’s browser right then. I may be wrong but I noticed if I added a CNAME record to a domain pointing to it would actually use my domain in the GUI share dialogue.

So maybe with how it’s working right now you’d have to have the admin share from the user domain?

Maybe that’s not the solution you’re looking for.

yeah the admin can share from the user domain.
this would be an extra task for the admin, but it works.
it would be nice to be able to customize that url.

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Hi, if you are confidence with JavaScript and React you can see the the function create the sharable link (getCurrentConferenceUrl) here:

So you can edit it