Students on iOS devices - Youtube spammers

Hi all,

During this pandemic we’ve deployed 6 videobridges for our online classrooms. Everything works excellent, and about 300 classrooms a day are facilitated by Jitsi! So, first of all, a big thank you guys for that!

Now, there is a problem our teachers experiencing during this online lessons; students starting to share “funny” YouTube-videos during the online lesson (and disturbing the class). We’ve managed to remove the button on the web-gui, but all of are students are joining on an iPad. On the apps (iOS and Android) the “share youtube-video”-option is still available (for guests).

When a video is started, there is no way to figure out who has started the video (as far as we can tell). Also no trace of this is found in the logfiles.

Anybody any advice or idea to:

  • disable this complete feature on the server side, or
  • configure this option available just for moderators (authenticated by ldap), or
  • Trace whoever started sharing a video?

Till now we’ve searched the forums, but the only option we’ve come across is to remove the button from the web-gui (which we’ve done), or build an entire new app using the SDK (which we think would be to much effort for such a ‘small’ feature).

Thank you in advance!

Same here. 30 students and someone constantly starts sharing YouTube videos. They show up as „YouTube“. I‘d like those to show up as „YouTube shared by xxx“. Any developer willing to implement that feature request? I‘m new here and would need some time to find the relevant part in the source code, develop and submit a patch.

I had a look at the source code. The videos show up as „YouTube“ because of this piece of code here (jitsi-meet/constants.js at master · jitsi/jitsi-meet · GitHub):

* Fixed name of the YouTube player fake participant.
export const YOUTUBE_PARTICIPANT_NAME = 'YouTube';