Stuck on blue screen

sometimes meeting stuck on blue screen while reloading the meeting…
please suggest the possible solution.

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Check your config files (config.js and interface_config.js), you have a missing or extra comma somewhere.

thank you for your response @Freddie but both of these file looking fine.
i didn’t find any missing or extra comma

Is this a fresh installation?

yes but i have edited some file for customization.
i have also changed the header title and subtitle for welcome page in app.bundle.min.js
is the issue related to this

Yes, this is likely where the issue is. When you see a blank blue screen like that, it’s often a js error. Go over the edits you made in app.bundle.min.js, you’ll likely find a missing/extra comma there.

no extra or missing comma i have found over the edits :disappointed:

@Freddie is there some other possiblity of happening of this issue ?
error from this line (in app.bundle.min.js) triggers when this issue happens.
UnhandledError: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading ‘_navigate’) Script: null Line: null Column: null StackTrace: TypeError: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading ‘_navigate’)

a” has no value in the scope.
This is not related in Jitsi. Check Javascript docs.

thanks @emrah
yes i know but error coming from app.bundle.min.js file and i can’t modify the app bundle code.

i need to modify it from my side ??

IIUC you don’t use the default configs. Do the default configs work for you?

i didn’t test much in default config mode .
and i am not using default config because i have to configure something according to our need

You need to be sure everything is working properly before any customization.

the issue is occuring in iframe mode only .
when i load it through external api and using iframe api.

after click on call disconnect button and again redirecting to conference on rejoining