Stuck in Undefined room

Not sure how it happened, as I wasn’t modifying anything related to the room handling–but on my local clone of last week’s jitsi-meet repo I’m trapped in an Undefined room. I’d entered dozens of different rooms prior to this happening, so I’m thinking a file may have been damaged somewhere but I’m not sure where to start looking.

So, details (Desktop):

  • make dev
  • Go to localhost:8080/
  • Instead of the WelcomeScreen, you’re immediately put into the PreMeetingScreen.
  • (There is no room info in the URL)

Just to see what would happen, I spun up a React Native client and had the same experience. It’s going right into an Undefined room and the hangup button doesn’t do anything.

I’ve thrown some “alert” commands around to make sure the right code seems to be running, and so far it looks correct.

Is the Redux store damaged somehow? Can anyone suggest troubleshooting steps?


Also, forgot to mention… I’ve tried killing everything, rebooting, etc. Very perplexing!