Stuck at 'Enable your microphone and camera' permission screen

So I just FINALLY successfully installed Jitsi (yaaaaaaaaaay me!!!). :grin: Seriously, after all I’ve been through trying to get to this point, I’m just beyond stoked! And from the little I’ve seen, the quality of this beast (self-hosted) is just amazing! Completely wow-ed me!

However, I have not been able to get beyond the camera and microphone permission screen. :confused: I tried 3 different browsers (Safari, Firefox, Chromium), two different machines (PC laptop and Apple Macbook Pro) with 2 different OS’s (Windows 10 and OSX). Nothing worked! I even rebooted my laptop, rebooted the server (my workhorse Poweredge), cleared cache and cookies e.t.c… Still no luck.

Interestingly though, the mobile app seemed to get me a bit further (not further than the permissions page, but it at least gave me a preview of my camera and mic). The mobile app (on both android and apple) gave the impression that I successfully logged into the room, albeit just for a few seconds, but it doesn’t seem like I actually made it in, as two different phones joining the same room at the same time both reported one person in the meeting. I hope I’m making sense.

Can someone please help me??? I’ve just come too far not to be able to celebrate fully over this thing. Please help! :pray:t5:

No. A screenshot of your desktop when you are ‘stuck’ could be clearer. About mobile I also don’t see how you are not getting ‘further than the permission screen’ on Android - I have never seen a permission screen on the Android app.