Strophe: request id 4.1 error 504 happened

Hi All,

I’m getting below error,


I’m using lib-jitsi-meet in my app. If I open the default jitsi app its working without any issue. Because of this error no remote user can able to connect with each other. Do any one faced this issue before. Please help me.


This is an error returned from prosody I think, so check your prosody logs.

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Hi @damencho,

I have hosted the docker jitsi in my LAN server and i’m using lib jitsi meet in my application to access the server. In my backend nginx proxy server is running, this will be used for proxy redirection based on route.

location /api - backend api
location /meet - jitsi media server

In my client, I have added bosh Url as and domain I have checked the prosody container logs but I haven’t seen any kind of errors. I’m unable to track back the source of 504 error but not succeeded. I have attached log files for your reference.
jiconf-logs.txt (47.4 KB) jitsi-web-container-logs.txt (26.7 KB) nginx-conf.txt (4.0 KB) prosody-logs.txt (15.2 KB)