Strophe: error: At least peerconnection or wsUrl must be given

Previously I had installed Jitsi and everything worked perfectly (for a long time), but recently we restarted the server and it stopped working, if two participants connect they cannot see each other (audio, video), the error that appears in the console is the following:

I have done the following validations and it keeps failing:

  1. The certificate is still valid
  2. The corresponding ports are open (80, 443, 10000, 22, 3478, 5349)
  3. Change the useStunTurn parameter of the config to false (/etc/jitsi/meet/-config.js)

If you could give me ideas on how to solve this, I would appreciate it.

What version are you running?

Hi Freddie,
The versions are the following:

Wow… that’s really, really old. You have a few tasks:

  1. Migrate to websockets from SCTP
  2. Update to the latest Jitsi version (or any of the last 4 preceding 4 versions)

Jitsi moved to defaulting to colibri websockets a while back and all deployments were advised to migrate to websockets. You can follow this guide. Then Chrome stopped providing support for SDP Plan B, so in order to continue to use Chrome to access your Jitsi meetings, you’d need to update your Jitsi deployment to a version that supports Unified Plan.

If you ask me, I think your best bet is to just do a purge and reinstall; it will take care of all the issues for you without having to tinker.