Streaming with JitsiMeet


I am on Mac and I followed installation for Docker.
I want to try it with people within from my network.

In .env file I changed the exposed ports as follows:

Exposed HTTP port


Exposed HTTPS port


In addition to that I changed Public URL for the web service (PUBLIC_URL key) and DOCKER_HOST ADDRESS keys as my IPv4:

Public URL for the web service


IP address of the Docker host

See the “Running behind NAT or on a LAN environment” section in the README


However, in the front end ‘Live Streaming’ button cannot be seen.

After making some search, I guess I need to make some changes to configuration files. However, I cannot find any configuration file at all.
Here is what my directory looks like:

You need to install Jibri and then make sure the “Livestreaming” button is in toolbars list.