Streaming issue when webrtcIceUdpDisable: true (external server address IP) , NAT issue

NOT a firewall issue!

I found some issue around webrtcIceUdpDisable: true and NAT behavior of videobridge.

Normally when this setting webrtcIceUdpDisable: false server IP appearing as Internal IP and connecting to stream on UDP port 10000. Problem whit this setting: so gappy.

If webrtcIceUdpDisable: true setting applied server IP appearing as external public IP, and my internal client starting to hair-pining over my firewall to connect Jitsi to. In addition Jibri not able to get connecting on ICE using this test conference room. YouTube connection dropped after a while because lack of video/audio stream. Only avatars showing up on youtube broadcast control panel.

Why I’m saying not a firewall issue, so… I did a test using disabled firewall policies (packets goes internal network only) in conjunction with webrtcIceUdpDisable: true looks different. Client (internal) does not showing any server IP, just N/A. It seems to be my client trying to reach my external IP somehow. Regardless to the fact that my client connected to Jitsi.

My guess some issue around applying NAT setting if webrtcIceUdpDisable: true set.

BTW of course I did restarts and NAT settings are properly configured.