Streaming in combination with whiteboard


are there some settings for the live-streaming, if i want to use the whiteboard in combination with streaming?
As i noticed, no kind of view mode is shown to the jibri participant if the whiteboard was enabled.

Thanks in advance

If You enable follow me and select the white board doesn’t it work that way?

Not at all. If one time the whiteboard ist activated, it will be always in front for the streaming, excepting you start screensharing or pin a other video from the filmstrip to the front.

The second problem is, that the whiteboard isn’t in center when you watch the streaming.

And you have activated Follow me?

yes, ‘follow-me for all persons’ but i don’t see any effect

And you are selecting the whiteboard on the participant that had enabled follow-me, and you don’t see the change on the jibri (on the livestream), right?

@mihhu Can you take a look please?

If I understood correctly, this is how it currently works without the streaming too. The reason the whiteboard must be pinned on the stage is that, if you are using the whiteboard, it would be very inconvenient to have another participant take the stage on the dominant speaker basis.

Do you mean that the filmstrip is pushing the whiteboard to the left? Minimizing it would let the whiteboard spread horizontally. The top and bottom areas are not really whiteboard safe because of all the UI elements that would sit on top of it.

I’m not sure what you mean by this - can you please attach a screenshot?

@mihhu Isn’t opening the whiteboard open action followed by Jibri if follow-me is activated?

I don’t remember doing anything in particular for that, but from what I tested, that’s how it works.

Ok, what you say make sense. And the soloution would be the follow-me, but in my setup it not work correctly (jitsi-docker version: stable 8218). Can that be a problem, what was fixed with version 2.0.8319?

Release notes:


Attached two screenshots. I hope now you can understand what i mean with a view mode. An option for scaling would be a nice feature, so that the participants always see everything in the streaming.

This may have something to do with Jibri and your xorg configuration. If you do a test recording, are all the elements captured correctly? Have you tried livestreaming on to see if you encounter the same issue?

recording isn’t implemented at the moment. But i will test it soon.

When i try the with streaming and whiteboard, there would only a white backgound. But my video in the filmstrip was live and up-to-date. Do someone have the same phenomenon?

Also on the first test with streaming and follow-me had not the desired effect. By the second was all fine, except the whiteboard.

I see you have a modified UI. Can you test the following on

  • Start a meeting
  • Enable folow-me
  • Start live streaming
  • Open the whiteboard

Ok, it seems to be the xorg configuration. But if i change it from the default JIBRI_RECORDING_RESOLUTION “720p” to “1080p”, the jibri live-streaming crashs after a time (~5-10 min).

If I test it on, the problem is that I can’t see the drawings in the Youtube streaming. There is only a empty whiteboard. Do you have the same experience?

Can you share a screenshot / video of what you get?

Ok… demonstration effect. Now it works.
But can you say me, whicht settings needed, that the streaming have a larger viewpoint than in the conference?


I’m not sure I understand. The live streaming works by joining the meeting just like another participant, with a 1080 viewport.

If you look at the screenshots, there is more white space in the streaming than in the conference.
I’ve already noticed that the whiteboard space depends on the resolution of the client. And now I’m looking for a way to maximize the resolution of the Jibri participant. In my streaming setup, the viewing angle on the whiteboard is much smaller when streaming than it is for the conference itself.