Stream to other platform instead of YouTube and modify the encode quality

I can’t seem to locate where the parameters are set for the ingest URL, I’d like to be able to change that to another RTMP URL.

I’d also like to modify the output resolution and bitrate. How may I do this?


A StreamSink is created with the YouTube url here. There are some params we pass there as well. Other ffmpeg params are set here.

None of this is configurable at the moment I’m afraid, so you’ll have to make the changes and build your own Jibri.

Is this simply the case with the current version of Jibri? In an older version, there was a config variable. I suppose this can file under suggestions!

I know it has been this way since the Jibri rewrite (12-18 months ago). The python version may have had options to reconfigure (or maybe it was just easier since the script could be modified directly). Either way agree it would be nice to have, though I don’t know when we’d get to it. PRs would definitely be welcome.

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Any pro-tips on how to compile the file myself? The debian java build doc is outdated

Once you’ve forked the repo and made the changes, you can use the jenkins scripts to build the jar and a deb:

jibri> jibri/resources/jenkins/
jibri> ./resources/jenkins/ 10.1

Note that the release script takes a version number and it will create a local tag for that release on your git repo (I just threw 10.1 in there). You don’t need to worry too much about that, but might want to keep it in mind if you do multiple builds.

Thanks, that worked!