Stream or not to stream; how many muted occupants can Jitsi serve in a single room?

We have an all day conference event coming up with about 200 registered participants and 10 speakers. Common rule seems to be to go streaming above 25/30 participants, but we would like to avoid streaming, because the latency will hinder live reactions by speakers on questions in the chat (reaction time is double the latency).

We have plenty bandwidth. Couldn’t we serve 200 occupants in a single Jitsi room with their camera and audio muted? I have seen it work flawless with 80 in GoToMeeting (which has a hard limit on 25 cameras btw). Apart from avoiding latency it would also make live of the IT department much easier and we are mainly showing slides, which seems to work great better in Jitsi then the live streams I have witnessed so far?

And if this would work, how can we prevent occupants from un-muting? Extra Meet instance with the buttons disabled? ;). Currently we are running a Docker instance (RHEL). Would a native install benefit performance?

Much obliged,


Ah, found this thread, that helps: Host a meeting with 500 people - ideas?