Stream jibri on the same server using RTMP client?

Usecase: Jitsi with each room sending live streams.

Thanks for the awesome platform and thanks a ton to everyone who’s actively part of the community!

Details: I’m working on an app that has to show small feeds of every room which is recording. First, i was thinking about autoscaling jibri to send streams as shown numerous times on this forum to a private RTMP server. Then picking up those streams and embedding them into my application.
– its kind of like, while video-conferencing, i’d still like to see other room videos. so its a jitsi meet + jibri for all other rooms.

viable solution?: I’m having a bit of a tough time coming to an optimum solution.

I think, the way to go on about this would be instead of jibri sending rtmp streams elsewhere, it could show stream directly / alternately output the stream on that very same server so i don’t have to send the stream elsewhere and download it off there. I don’t know why i was thinking i need another RTMP server where i could collect streams instead of self-streaming the data on that very same jibri server?

is that a possibility? i mean that should be viable right? hosting jibri and rtmp on the same server instance? is there a catch?



@damencho can you please give a hint here, if that’s something achievable or anything i need to be aware of. i.e., any thoughts from you?

@bbaldino @Woodworker_Life @gotzon @masteryoda

thoughts? If you guys got a minute, your thoughts on this may help me a lot :slight_smile:

changed the title, hope someone gets a better understanding now on the question…

self hosted RTMP server + jibri on the same server… anyone?!