Stream content to jitsy

Hello Jitsi community,
I would like to know, if there is a way to connect stream via a video stream or canvas to Jitsi.

I find some Web Rtc sample on webrtc github io

I would like to know how to connect it eventually with the lib :
But I don’t know which steps should I do to connect the strem to a jitsi room.

Is there any other way to stream content other than webcam to jitsi? (without emulate a virtual camera)

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I’m also interested in a way to hook a custom high quality live video stream into jitsi as a source/client.

This could be useful for presentations. Participant video doesn’t need to be high quality, but the presenter/host’s custom feed does.

The methods I have tried recently seem to greatly reduce the quality of the presenter’s input stream.

I’m interested what method you use.

Mostly just variations on screen sharing and chrome tab sharing.

Definitely interested in hearing success stories, however :slight_smile:

If I continue down this path I might experiment more with virtual camera drivers like v4l2loopback and akvcam.

1 - Screen sharing is a good solution less hack way for me.

2 - Emulate a web camera is a possibility.
I find ManyCam or webcamoid on windows / not tryed on linux yet

3 - You can also use chrome in unit test mode (hack)

4 - Web Rtc
=> I explore the API lib-jitsi-meet to comunicate with

Any help is welcome for the last point