Stream a local audio/video file into the conference instead of a desktop window (enhancement to presenter mode)

For the user, “streaming a media file” as an additional button next to “sharing a desktop” - the system should ask for the local file to be opened/streamed and then play back instead of showing the desktop window - including video and sound.
Currently, sharing a desktop window does not seem satisfactory for playing back media - e.g. sharing a VLC instance.

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Can you explain with more details why it doesn’ t work or what should be improved? Speed, quality, controls…?

@Marcel do you mean something like the youtube sharing video but for media (audio/image/videos) that you have in the local machine?

I think that will be a very useful feature!

…maybe, I am not registered with google for privacy reasons and hence do not use YouTube at all. My scenario: Currently I am learning the spanish language - normally in a course in a “physical” room. The course can’t take place now because of coronavirus restrictions. During the lesson my teacher also plays audio or video files sometimes (video also from DVD), then when I do not understand something she stops (often when people speak too fast), we discuss, she writes a word or sentence to the whiteboard (I would use etherpad for that) and then we continue playing back.
It’s analogous for all cases where the conference room has a playback device that can be used by the teacher or students - a frequent situation in my opinion.

Example: I open VLC, therein I open a .mp3 file and play it.

Then I share the VLC window with the Desktop Share Icon.

If I disable the local loudspeaker, there is no sound playing back in the forum. If I enable the local speaker, the quality of the sound is very poor for the other participants - the sound is only transmitted through the air from the local speaker to the local microphone, I think.

I think that perhaps we should find a way to stream the media into the session in a much similar way as if it came from the microphone, but also when the microphone itself is muted.

Perhaps we need a separate sound source that can be inserted into the stream, coming from the output of the shared window, that also gets transmitted when the microphone and/or local speaker is muted. Of course this sound source should be mutable as well.

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Hi Marcel,

You may use with a virtual audio cable.

Have you try with Soundflower (only mac) or Blackhole (Mac and W10)?



Blackhole, Soundflower, loopback and sorts do work, but they are a bad user experience and only very technical users can set this up. I think there are so many people out there struggling with trying to set up audio-sharing on a high quality, there must be some kind of solution to this which IS easy to set up and use??

Besides that, I do agree that local file sharing or file sharing from an URL (like from a server or S3) would be a great feature. Perhaps as some kind of add-on?

It’s great that we can now share audio on a Chrome tab, … but the only hints for a virtual loopback are on Windows.

Tried with PulseAudio to setup a VirtualSink, but Jitsi does not see that audio as part of the “System Audio”, and there is no option to select VirtualSink as an input source.

Is there a any way to get a loopback working for a local app on Linux?

That’s true, we are in the same page trying to find a nice and clean way to doit.