Strange room issue with secure domain (LDAP)

Hi all,

I’m actually not sure how to describe my issue but I will try my best.

I have a secure domain with LDAP login which is working well. Means it is possible to login with LDAP user name and credentials and become moderator.
The problem starts if we have a meeting with more than 5 participants. It looks like the first 5/6 participants are in their own room. They can only here and see the first 5/6. The majority of the others are able to here each others but it also happens that only a few are able to here everyone.
The chat is working all the time for all the users.
With our normal attendee count <=4 we are not running into the issue.

I have another instance of the same jitsi meet version without secure domain and we are not able to reproduce the problem there.

Now I have removed the LDAP authentication and will check tomorrow with the team if it is really related to that.

I really would appreciate any help on this topic.
Will also update this thread as soon as I have feedback from our test.

Best regards

Hi all,
so we did some further testing today.
For that we used a fresh Jitsi Meet install.

It looks like the issue is related to a client which is using an old Jitsi Meet Electron (2.1.0).
In case every one was connected with Chrome browser there was no issue. But if they used it in the was the normally join the session we could reproduce the issue.
So it is not related to the LDAP configuration.

Still I have no idea what is causing this behaviour but it looks like that the old Electron App is causing issues in bigger meetings.

Just to be on the safe side. There was also one guy with the App version 2.4.0.

Best regards

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