Strange Behaviour Jitsi Meet Android App

Android App Jitsi Meet Strange Behaviour

Hello Everyone;
I am facing a very strange issue using Jitsi Meet android app. After installation when i configure my server “” in settings and try to join a room I face infinite loop of “Rejoin or Cancel” and unable to join the room.
But if i open my server link i.e. in the browser and click “Go” after writing room name it asks to open the link in App, i click on “Download App” even it is already installed and it works. Room asks for the authentication and upon providing right credentials it let me in. I have aloso tried by putting full URL of server and room in the room textbox but that also didn’t may use user "" with “abc123” as password to test this whole scenario.

Prompt action would be highly appreciable.

Kind regards;
Adnan Alam.

Does anyone help here?