"Strange" behavior with room history


I am not sure whether this is a bug or a feature, or whether it depends on the server back-end or the browser/operating system, but…

I have a local instance of Jitsi Meet. I used to run it on a RaspberryPI machine (with quite a few tweaks) but then I completely re-installed it from scratch on an Ubuntu 20.4 server running in a virtual machine (kvm/qemu).

The only thing that the two server instances have in common is the domain name (it’s a local domain name, visible only inside my LAN). The IP address is different, as are the server-side SSL certificate, which are signed by the local certification authority and properly recognized by the client operating system(s).

What I find puzzling is that if I open the web page of the local jitsi installation with Firefox, there is no “room history” as I would expect.

However, if I open the same page with Chrome, I see in the history two rooms that I used with the old Jitsi Meet installation (again: completely different machine, which was wiped out a few weeks ago).

I understand that perhaps this is due to the client (operating system or browser) saving the “room history”, but is it normal that I have two different behaviors with Firefox and Chrome on the same operating system/client?

Thanks for any insights!