Strange behavior - conference rooms

I used Jitsi Meet more than 25 times without any problems with less than 10 participants.

Today we had a video conference and the participants were located not in the same conference room.

All participants got an email with the complete link:

4 participants entered room: RZ-KN-1855
8 participants entered room: HN-RZ-1955

All used the link published in the email !

We are very surprised to see the different links in the web site info of the used browsers.

The 4 participants closed Meet Jitsi RZ-KN-1855 and started HN-RZ-1955 and then we were all together.

Why was the used Jitsi conference link automaticly changed ?
Is there a misunderstanding of the usage ?


You might want to check to see if there’s a firewall; that could be responsible.