Storing Jitsi objects in Redux

Hello everybody. I’m trying to create a React-Redux app for web-conferencing using Jitsi. I’m having problems storing the jisti object in my redux store. For example I want to store JitsiTrack or Conference objects in the store so that different parts of the app can pick them up from the store. I’ve seen that the jitsi-meet project does something similar. For example, in the conference reducers the conference object is stored in redux like this:

But when I try to do something similar it seems that the object is serialized by the store and only a plain version of the object in the store and all of its methods are lost along the way. I wanted to ask how jitsi-meet is able to store conference objects without losing the functions. I can certainly say the functions are not lost because of this piece of code:

    export function setSubject(subject: string = '') {
return (dispatch: Dispatch<any>, getState: Function) => {
    const { conference } = getState()['features/base/conference'];

    if (conference) {
    } else {

Any help would be much appreciated