Store JITSI Recording to Microsoft OneDrive or Change storage Location

Hi All ,

We are very New to Jitsi and doing a POC to implement JITSI for a big organization in Petroleum industry.

Can we store recorded videos of JITSI on Microsoft One Drive & In case we need to change the storage Location .
What are configurations we need to change .

Kindly Suggest !
Appreciate reply in Advance .

Hi and welcome. If you want to store all recordings in a common place that is easy, there is a script on jibri which is called after a recording finishes, with some parameters and a json metadata, there you can upload your recording to a common place. You just need to update that script on your deployed jibri instances.
If you want to have it per user as dropbox, you will need changes in the UI to introduce that option and pass the needed information to the signaling and some logic in jibri to handle that as we do with dropbox, or you can add that jibri logic in the script mentioned above.

Thanks @damencho ,
Appreciate your Help ,
I am really impressed with JITSI Community support .

In case we need any training or workshop for Our oraganization , What could be possible way .
As we are planning to use for large scale and we need couple of setup and customizations .