Stopping and restarting live streaming to YouTube

Hi, I’ve only just started using Jitsi to replace the Google Hangouts feature which stopped at the beginning of August.

It looks ideal, but I have a couple of problems. One is that I don’t have a great internet connection, so I guess that is causing my image to appear blurry to participants in the session and occasionally they get a message saying that I’m having connection issues - though I don’t see that myself, and my image looks really clear on my laptop.

The other issue is with the live streaming. I’ve got it set up and I get the Stream Key and put it in the Live Streaming BETA option in the menu in Jitsi, and that works fine. However, I run an online session where participants in a course can drop in with questions then leave again. It looked to me like I could start the live streaming when someone comes in, then turn it off when they leave and there is no one with me, then restart it again when someone else comes in.

When I tried it, it all looked fine in Jitsi. The ‘Live’ indicator came on and I thought it was working, however when I viewed the video later, only the first live stream was recorded. When I tested it again, I can see that YouTube says I’m live and the ‘stream health’ is good, but in another place below it’s off - ‘Live stream offline’

Is it not possible to do this? I was ecstatic when I found this feature as it would be so useful, so very disappointed when it doesn’t seem to work.

Thanks for any help or suggestions!

Does anyone have any suggestions about stopping and restarting the Live Streaming? Am I trying to do something that’s not possible, even though it looks like it is?

What you see in your “self view” is a raw, local camera feed–what your participants see is the stream after it’s been encoded and sent over the network, so your ‘self view’ is definitely not a good approximation of what others will see, but you do have the little ‘network quality’ icon over your self view with some stats (when you hover) that can give some indication.

This should work fine, though admittedly it’s not a use case we’ve exercised. It could be an effect of the ‘type’ of stream you’ve created in YouTube. Maybe if it’s created as an ‘event’ then you’re resuming after the event was over? Or maybe YouTube treats those differently somehow, I’m not sure. You could try the same thing with a non-event stream key and see if the results are different?