Stop sharing screen not working in Firefox - screen freezes

I noticed an issue with screen sharing when testing

If someone shares their screen, I correctly receive the video and everything is working fine. But when they stop sharing, the video of their screen freezes and is still visible to me. This resumes working if they enable their camera and then disable it.

This first screenshot is when I’m sharing my screen (right side), the second participant can see it normally (left side).

This second screenshot is when I stop sharing my screen (right side), but the other participant can still see the screen which is frozen (left side).

I’m using the latest version of Firefox (79.0) on Windows 10 in both instances. I also tried Chrome (84.0.something) and it works if I share the screen from Chrome to Chrome or Chrome to Firefox, but if I share the screen from Firefox to Chrome the same problem persist. Would this mean there is some problem with Firefox screen sharing?

I’m sure those who are more familiar with the environment will give more definitive guidance, but I believe it’s been advised that Firefox is not exactly the stellar browser for Jitsi. Chrome is generally recommended over other browsers.

On what deployment is this? If it is self hosted does it work for 3 participants at all using just the camera?

I tried this on official deployment but I have the same problem on a self hosted instance.

Just the camera works fine, the problem is screen sharing. I tried it with 3 participants as well by sharing my screen from Firefox, and joining 2 other participants, one from Firefox and one from Chrome. When I stopped sharing my screen, both of the other 2 participants were still seeing the frozen screen.

So your thumbnail has audio and video muted, seems there are no streams received. That’s why I asked whether 3 participants with camera works.
So you say that you repro this on

Correct, I can reproduce this on every time.

It works, however, if I have my camera enabled before sharing the screen, and when the sharing stops it switches back to the camera. But that is to be expected since it replaces the stream.

Ups, it is known issue
Thanks @jallamsetty for pointing it out :slight_smile:
We will work on it soon.


Thank you for your responses. My search somehow didn’t produce that result :smiley: