Stop Jibri Record


I am looking for a way to stop the jibri record once the moderator leaves the session


i can use this one

maybe i change action by stop

 -- start recording
    local iq ={
        type = "set",
        id = uuid() .. ":sendIQ",
        from = occupant_jid,
        to = room.jid .. "/focus"
        :tag("jibri", {
            xmlns = "",
            action = "start",
            recording_mode = "file",
            app_data = '{"file_recording_metadata":{"share":true}}'})

    room.is_recorder_triggered = true

how can I know the right record in the case of the mutliple record maybe by room.jid and id = uuid() … “:sendIQ”,

so i think i can do this i check if user is admin then i do this one

Do you allow multiple concurrent recordings?

for the moment not,

but I will do it soon,

Jitsi doesn’t allow it, so if you modify it to that end, you’ll need to handle this yourself.