Stop Desktop sharing, not retrieving Camera back

Hi, I am using latest stable version of Jitsi Docker (stable-4857) and lib-jitsi-meet (latest) to connect to.

Since I moved to docker stable-4857 version:

When user starts the sharing everyone can see the new stream (video desktop)
but when same user stops sharing we dont get the new stream back (video camera).

I have tried using lib-jitsi-meet to play within createLocaltrack() with resolution, constraints, to change also the way we add/remove track (using replaceTrack instead of dispose and addTrack) but I cannot find any solution to fix this issue.
On jitsi bridge side, there is no Warning, Errors showing in any of the images logs.

Any idea, feedback, comment on how I could prevent such behavior would be extremely appreciated!!!

NOTE: One super weird thing is that if I run web ui code on local (kind of debug mode then with Visual Studio) then sharing/stop sharing works fine (same bridge). If I push exact same code to web server then it stops working and we have the stop sharing issue commented previously.

Thank you

I found the issue and I know why it was working now on local but not on server. I was running in local an old version of lib-jtis-meet (commit #b8f68b9 ) and on server the latest.

So I can confirm that there is a bug introduced last few months (today is Sept. 2020) which makes that stopping sharing with docker bridge “stable-4857” is broken in some way.

I hope it can help in getting this fixed.


Same here, hope there will be a solution for this soon.

I am also getting a similar behaviour and I have the latest lib-jitsi-meet I generated using “npm install”.

@AymericG for me the latest version that works is (21.8.2020)

As we are few having such issue and it prevents us from using latest lib-jitsi-met releases, I have created following issue:
Please vote for resolution, it may help on prioritising it.
Thank you

Thanks. The problem is solved for me with the right version.

there is a function in JitsiConference are replaceTrack so when you switch the track pass both track on there params first parm is old track and second parm is new track it will be work