Stop Desktop sharing, not retrieving Camera back

Hi, I am using latest stable version of Jitsi Docker (stable-4857) and lib-jitsi-meet (latest) to connect to.

Since I moved to docker stable-4857 version:

When user starts the sharing everyone can see the new stream (video desktop)
but when same user stops sharing we dont get the new stream back (video camera).

I have tried using lib-jitsi-meet to play within createLocaltrack() with resolution, constraints, to change also the way we add/remove track (using replaceTrack instead of dispose and addTrack) but I cannot find any solution to fix this issue.
On jitsi bridge side, there is no Warning, Errors showing in any of the images logs.

Any idea, feedback, comment on how I could prevent such behavior would be extremely appreciated!!!

NOTE: One super weird thing is that if I run web ui code on local (kind of debug mode then with Visual Studio) then sharing/stop sharing works fine (same bridge). If I push exact same code to web server then it stops working and we have the stop sharing issue commented previously.

Thank you

I found the issue and I know why it was working now on local but not on server. I was running in local an old version of lib-jtis-meet (commit #b8f68b9 ) and on server the latest.

So I can confirm that there is a bug introduced last few months (today is Sept. 2020) which makes that stopping sharing with docker bridge “stable-4857” is broken in some way.

I hope it can help in getting this fixed.