Still video problems with Firefox and Jitsi (fix included)

We still experience massive video problems when using Firefox and Jitsi (regardless if Windows or Linux clients, Firefox is the common denominator): video streams randomly crash when using FF and are able to come again approx. 1 minute later, but continue to fail afterwards too. This does not occur when Chromium/Chrome is being used by all participants. Although Chrome/Chromium users are not affected directly, their streams also fail, when others in the same meeting are using FF.

This is not a problem of our instance, it also happens on the official instance.

A while ago we were able to fix other video issues in FF with custom configs being loaded only by FF clients (Firefox 80 configs) and those fixes are still necessary for this issue, we just had to add more version numbers to our regex pattern, looking for newer FF version.s

Are there any plans to set disableRtx to true and enableTcc to false for firefox browser in jitsi-meet itself?

Another thing about Firefox: vp9 works with around 2fps at the max, so not usable at all.