Still able to join the room with the expired token

i set the exp to last year data and could able to join the room. 1591260660000

@corby @damencho

what happens to a user who is in meeting room, and his token expired? will he be kicked off?

1591260660000 will be expired at 16 Jan 52395


its june 2020

i need to make the jitsi token to get expire after 15 min after creating it

nope, 16 Jan 52395

that can be ? can u breif how to set the expire time to 15 min after issue time of ticket? plz

epoch time is not millisecond, it’s second… Calculate it according to this

and lets say the user in the room and token expireas? what will happen?

nothing… because the token is checked only at login step

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lets say my meeting duration is 10 min and i want jitsi to hangup the call after 10 min how can i do it? i thught i can set token expire time to 10 min, since prosody only validates the token at the start. any other alteration way? @emrah @corby @damencho

Check this prosody module

but this is cannot be changed according to dff meetings neh

If you want to have fine grained control over how long each meeting can run for (and also what time each meeting can start) you can use the reservation system – Reservation System setup · Jitsi Meet Handbook

With this enabled, the plugin will call the provided API URL each time a new meeting is about to be created, and if allowed the duration is to be returned by the API. The plugin will close the meeting after the duration has elapsed.

Note that this does however require that you deploy your own API service to receive calls from the plugin and respond accordingly.

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thank u i will look in it

Btw, if you want to try/use the reservation system without having to implement your own API, check out Jire built by @christian.loelkesJire - Reservation System for Jitsi Meet

I have never tried it, but it looks promising.

Another caveat: reservation plugin used to be provided by jicofo and only recently ported to prosody. Jire docs still references jicofo version, so until it’s updated you may need to tweak it if you are on the latest jitsi version.

sure will look in it. thanks alot

if i enable reservations in the server

  1. can i able to create room manually or only through reservation
  2. if my api i provide in the jitis config must be mydomain/conference ?