Status of Encryption On Jitsi Meet Instance

I’m aware that the encryption option became available in Beta on the Jitsi Meet instance this summer and disappeared when the issue of insertable streams became an issue. However, I thought I saw it available again, but now it’s not.

What is the status of the encryption key feature when using the Jitsi Meet instance on the Jitsi servers?

End to end encryption (insertable streams) is field trial for chrome which is enabled for

Thanks for the reply. In a conference using with Chrome on Win 10 (as well as trying Edge Chromium, Brave, and FireFox) I see no option for setting an encryption key like I did earlier this summer. Perhaps I misunderstand and it’s automatic now? Or perhaps I don’t understand what you mean by “field trial” (i.e. limited access for testing?).

Field triail is some new features which you can enable in Google Chrome only.
Not sure how to enable them in other chromium based browsers. E2ee is not available in Firefox.

@NetmeetingDaysGoneBy The option is not in the security menu (shield icon).

Correct…and I no longer see it anywhere in the Jitsi Meet GUI (like I did before in either Actions or Actions>Settings. Chrome is up-to-date as of this writing). If it’s in some command-line menu, I am not aware of any instructions for that as a user.

Sorry, I meant NOW in the security menu.

Oddly, all I have when I select the shield/“Security Options” is “Enable Lobby”, and “Password”. I see no E2ee settings (like I did this summer). Again, this is currently on Chrome 86.XXX on a Win 10 PC.

Doubtful, but I checked to see if I had any browser security settings selected that could possible impact my seeing/not seeing this, but nothing I could think of.

@NetmeetingDaysGoneBy, have you gone to chrome://flags and turned on Environmental Web Platform Features?

Ah, BINGO! Now the E2ee option is there. However, I would never expect a regular user to have to do this. Was it switched to experimental since it’s still being tweaked and/or not an available feature in all browsers?
This encryption is a big deal, so I’m hopeful it will be more user-friendly in the near future. I do realize that it’s a Chrome issue too, however.

Pretty certain when it’s rolled out as a stable feature, users won’t need to do that. Right now, it’s experimental and really use-at-your-own-risk.

@NetmeetingDaysGoneBy There is nothing we can do about that, alas. For your own deployment you either enter the origin trial, or use the Electron app which has that trial forced. On regular Chrome you’ll need to do what @Freddie said, or use a command line switch, which is even more annoying…