Statistics of JVB ,JICOFO,JIBRI

@damencho i have to keep records of every activity conference call in our database , please clarify below questions .

  1. Currently i am using and this API providing Conference name , conference start time , conference end time , partial failed successful, and number of the participants etc ,but if more than 1 JVB configured jitsi meet then how to get stats of specific JVB ?.
  2. How to get Jibri stats ? .
  3. Is there anyway to get all statistics from the jicofo ?.


Query all jvb instances or write a lua module that will report most of those stats to a central place.

Not sure what stats you need … but jibri is a client as rest of the clients and media stats appear in callstats and the user is named jibri.

Maybe youu can parse its log files and extract some … You better add a lua module in prosody that can detect room create/destroy events, participant join/left. Jibri participants are authenticated (using specific jid) so you can distinguish them and report in your stats start/stop recording.

Thanks for quick reply
Please elaborate more about lua module (add a lua module in prosody that can detect room create/destroy events, participant join/left )

Here are many modules that can be used with jitsi-meet:

For example this module listens for most of the events you are interested:

From such a module you can send an http query to a service you have where you will do the actual logging.

Here is an example of http request:

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Thanks for reply

@Raj_Yadav did you try this? Did it work?

@damencho, Is this still the only way? If you are using “muc” for org.jitsi.videobridge.STATISTICS_TRANSPORT, then each video bridge sends stats as a presence message to prosody every org.jitsi.videobridge.STATISTICS_INTERVAL.

Is that data being saved/stored in a way that can be fetched from the meeting server?

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Sorry no answer. But I’d also would like to know how to get the statistics from the meet server. If scaling JVB using the muc method it gets a bit fiddly trying to poll individual JVB servers in a dynamic environment.

You could use the approach taken here: How-to to setup Grafana dashboards to monitor Jitsi, my comprehensive tutorial for the beginner Telegraf pulls those stats into InfluxDB, then you could use Grafana, or other front-end for display purposes.

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