Statistics jitsi

I’m searching a way to collect and send data from jitsi (mobile+browser) to send to a server to analyse offline the data.
Thanks a lot

What kind of data are you interested in?

Hello, thanks for your very fast answer.
So about webrtc stack I need the following statistics:
frame per second, resolution, concealment o frames dropped, packet loss rate, rtt/delay, jitter, and relate things, browser, OS, cpu usage, ram.
I don’t know if there are statistics or metrics about the jitsi part, for example the server used to call, or others.
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At the moment most of those are available through out callstats integration, so they are not readily available.

ok, do you think that it is possible to modify this method to take the statistics to save them?
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Many of those are gathered through the getStats API, so one way would be to Use our rtcstats integration (sorry I forgot about this one earlier) and analyze the data in the server: GitHub - jitsi/rtcstats-server: Server for

ok, this is from the server side, right?
from the client side? for example, imagine that I have to modify the jitsi app to take data to aggregate with network quality, position with the quality of the video?
Thanks a lot for your link. I appreciate a lot.

ok, for the client side the repo is: GitHub - fippo/rtcstats.
if you click it, the link is about rcstats-server.
GitHub - fippo/rtcstats and GitHub - jitsi/rtcstats are different? the second one seems more updated.
thanks a lot

Yes, we have worked on a different version of the server based on fippo’s original.

I’m checking if jitsi-meet is using this library to take statistics.

it seems that it is yet implemented in the jitsi webapp.
What about the server?
Thanks a lot for your help

You mean if we are sending stats from the JVB? We are not.

But this can be used to extract data from jvb and push it to rtcstats server


thanks a lot for your help!