Statistics for Internal Server

I recently installed in one of our internal servers. Server cannot be accessed from the internet. However, I configured the server to have access to the proxy for internet access.
If i wanted to know more statistics:
Amount of users visiting our internal jitsi page
amount of users connected to chatrooms
amount of chatrooms
What would be my best bet ?
I got a google analytics account and setup the tracking ID but I didn’t have any luck with it, I changed the following line in config.js and relunched the application. are there any other changes I have to do to be able to make it work?
// The Google Analytics Tracking ID:
googleAnalyticsTrackingId: ‘UA-111111111-1’ <- I changed the number to all 1s for security reasons.

Thank you,

one last question, Does jitsi have any logs were all this is getting logged? Amount of people connected, amount of chatrooms, etc?