Statistic data extracted from jitsi-meet

Dear all,
I wonder whether I can extract some useful information on meeting rooms and participants (as with collibri/stats) from the server hosting jitsi-meet ?
In our topology, jicofo, jvb are hosted by a thirdparty, so we can only have access to the webserver for jitsi-meet. Monitoring the nginx log file seems not so specific for Jitsi conference. Or does it exist some special pattern to search for ?
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I see three options:

  • keep track of the nginx log for the calls to BOSH and WS, for example check for /http-bind?room=room-name and compare the IPs to find the unique participants in the specific room
    It’s a lot of work though, and not much reliable, as you rely on nginx logging to work correctly, plus take care that the logs rotate. You also will just be able to corelate IPs and room names - I don’t think there is an easy way to determine if (and when exactly) the user has left the room.

  • use web statistics, embedded in your index page
    You can either use 1) Google Analytics or 2) any of its alternatives - there are a lot of options there, plus some of them are free/opensource.
    This will show you more and you can fine tune it. You still won’t be able to get the data from the signalling node (jicofo/prosody) or from the bridge, but you can get a lot of data - it depends on what in fact you are looking for.
    For more specific Jitsi info you can use 1) CallStats from 8x8 or 2) ObserveRTC

  • see if you can access the colibri stats on the jicofo and jvb nodes remotely
    If the third party allows you access, you can get all the info from there. Of course, you can mix that with web statistics from the previous point - like I mentioned it all depends on what info you are after.

Thank you very much.
I will try to use the Google Analytics then.
For your info, I use the 8x8 service via low API layer lib-jitsi-meet. And therefore I cannot benefit from neither the integrated Callstats service nor colibri.
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