Static rooms

Is there any way to make rooms statice so they can stay open without people in them
I use fail2ban as my security but I have to keep about 12 browsers open to put a bot in there to keep it open plus the room can only be opened by me.
Since I have been gone is there any updates on the security?
The second time I have asked this question with no answer?
Blocking all countries apart from my own is another layer of security, I’m thinking that’s the best I can do but trolling will still be an issue not unless something great has happened while I have been away?

This isn’t possible currently but I think that it’d be worth editing the secure domain so that people can join and only people with a certain link can be a moderator* or that the moderater can log-in to it and become it

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Thank you maybe a bot of some kind or ping keeping a room open would be a good idea ?
thanks for the reply.

yeah it’s possible check this post out

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Thanks, Derek ill have a read :wink: