Stated telephone numbers on Start a call

Hi there, I am new to jitsi and therefore a beginners question. To invite others to join a video conference they need to dial one of the stated telephone numbers. These numbers are limited for few countries and I was wondering, whether the actual call to these numbers is free of charge?

Will be a potential customer in Turkey for example be charged, if he chooses a dial in number from Germany?

Thx for clarification. Regards, Thomas

Hi and welcome! I suppose your questions are about, these numbers are without any added value, the charges are whatever is charged from your provider when dialing out, for example calling from a mobile phone from Turkey to Germany, you will be charged for international call from Turkey to Germany…
You can always deploy your own instance of jitsi-meet, and have control over the configuration and the incoming call numbers.

Thank you very much for your fast reply. That means in practice our potential customer in Turkey has to call a stated number in Germany in order to get access to our video conference. Based on the charges from his telephone provider the customer could end up with substantial costs of this international call.
Is there not a configuration of VoIP possible, similar to Webex conferences?

Nope, that is currently not possible.