State of XMPP connection : Bosh or websocket?

Hi Jisti team,

You’re running with XMPP websocket configuration since many months but default jitsi-meet installation is still with the XMPP BOSH configuration.

I’ve notice a lot of effort and PR by @Pawel_Domas on the XMPP websocket part of Jitsi last months.

@damencho do you think the XMPP websocket configuration is now mature to be the default XMPP connection configuration ?
And is it really better for users connections stability ans server load ?

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Yes, server load is less on a high number of users and the connection is more stable in bad network environments.

There is always but :slight_smile: we still haven’t enable this for mobile, a thing to come. And we cannot so easily enable it by default as it needs prosody 0.11 and needs patching it.
We are working with prosody community to merge the changes and avoid that, but still there will be a lot of environments running an older version of prosody. So enabling it by default, I guess will take time.

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@damencho we saw also a limitation with the JWT authentication plugin. It only works for bosh. Any idea if that will be added to websockets?

It works with websockets.

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Thank you so much @damencho! I failed to elaborate a little more. Somebody else posted this issue. This is what I meant when I said it didn’t work. Do you know if that will be added to lib-jitsi-meet?

Thank you so much again for your awesome work!

Thank you for your responses @damencho.
The needed prosody patchs are mod_websocket_session_event.patch and mod_websocket_smacks.patch, isn’t it ?

Yes, depends on the version as mod_websocket_session_event.patch is in prosody 0.11.6 already.
We hope that the other one or a modified version of it will be in 0.11.7 :crossed_fingers: