Startup video conferencing feature - could jitsi help?


Hope this is the right category - let me know if it has to be changed please.

Need your guidance if jitsi is the right platform or, being open-sourced, could be customised as per our business needs.

I work for a non-profit startup that aims to build a spiritual destination for people in need, prayers and ONGs. One of the features of our service is a private video call. The conferencing feature will be accessed by 30 people max using a password. Attendees will be able to join a customisable room - soundtracks and background images from templates + startup brand logo - and send emojiis live in the call, similar to FB webinars functionality. The video call should be recorded in the cloud and available for a couple months.

Not sure if I can use jitsi or have a developer to build the platform as per our requirements? Any comments or suggestions are welcome.

Thanks, Ramon

Hi Ramon,

Yes, We can provide complete service as per your business needs.

Please, check my private message response.