Startup page is not showing, where you can type a new room name. Looks like background, grey background showing all the time



I installed Jitsi Meet onto a Ubuntu 18.04 TLS server.

Installation was working in the end. Once I got the hang of things, I changed the Jitsi watermark, etc.
I got to the point that I installed Jidesha,so that I can record and share desktop. Onto Chrome.

Now my server is not showing the first page like it used to.
Looks as if it wants to go straight to a conference room, but only shows the dark grey background.
No Video, No Audio.

Where do I start to look?


I’d check chrome dev tools (right click the page, inspect) for any javascript errors. If it was working before but now it doesn’t, the first thing I’d want to rule out is a syntax error causing the javascript to bail out.


Check for missing trailing commas in the config.js file.


Found the cause. It was the extension ID. It had a missing inverted comma.