Starting call on iOS in background via CallKit


I am trying to implement Jitsi call in iOS and CallKit to notify user with VoIP push. When app is in foreground call is simple, show JitsiView.
What’s the process for background ? I can’t load JitsiView when app is in background, so need to connect audio in background and switch to video when user opens the app.

Is there any help/guide available on it ?
Kindly respond…

You have any solutions ? i have a same problem

I can start the call in background as well… load jitsi view in background and it connects the call in audio mode.
Only issue is, I have to show incoming call with CallKit and when jitsi is initialized then it starts its own call instance. There’s no way to use same UUID.

Hi @nasircsms

We’re also trying to use the same UUID (that we have created to show incoming cal using CallKit) when calling Join(…) on the JitsiView but can’t figure out how.

Looking at the JavaScript it seems that Jitsi has a check if there is a callUUID and returns instead of starting a new call, however it’s not clear how we can set that existing callUUID.

Any help would be appreciated.