Testing newly installed jitsi instance.

I can’t seem to figure out how StartAudio Only works, I mean I get the description but what I can’t figure out is…

I have set it to true on the config.js file, i have used custom-config.js and almost all the settings there are working except for the StartAudioOnly config.

StartAudioOnly = true.

But when you to go my domain in which the jitsi meet instance is installed on, open dev tools, it is appearing that StartAudioOnly is set to false? I mean what’s happening here? it’s strange because all audio configs I have modified in the custom-config.js is there such as.

(modified in custom-config.js along with StartAudioOnly = true,)
Disable AEC: false
Disable NS: false
Disable AP: true
Disable AGC: true
Stereo: true

Can someone shed a light on this? many thanks