startAudioMuted and startVideoMuted not working

Hi everyone,

I configured in my config.js file:

    startVideoMuted: 2,
    startAudioMuted: 2,

Then we joined the video conference with 4 people but everyone has audio and video activated. You can find my config.js here:

Is there any trick to get this working? For sure, we cleared all our browser cache, so the config.js file was downloaded new from the server.



Did you restart the server?

Hi Neil,

thanks for the reply. I just restarted the nginx. I thought, that this would be enough and that the config.js is just delivered to the client. Which component of jitsi is required to restart after changes on config.js?

Now I rebooted the machine and it is working like expected. Thanks for the help.

Cheers, Tobias

At a guess, it’s jitsi-videobridge2.