Start / Stop Subtitles are not showing in Android Mobiles

I have installed Jigasi successfully.

CC icon is displaying web, but not in android mobile.

Any other configuration need to be done for mobiles?

It is not displayed after moderator had started transcriptions? Or is bot displayed even when the mobile user is a moderator and transcriptions are off?

There is no special setting for mobile.

Hi Damencho,

In web, start and stop of transcriptions after clicking on CC icon is working fine.

But in Android, CC icon it self is not displaying to start/stop transcriptions.

What if you make the mobile participant a moderator?
That is what he was asking.

Hi Prashanth,

Mobile participant as Moderator is also not displaying CC icon.

Yes, Start subtitles option is not displaying in mobile

You are using stable versions right? The screenshot I shared is from stable

Do you see CC button on other web participants, who are not moderators?

You are using stable versions right?
yes, we are using 2.0.5390
this stable version.

Do you see CC button on other web participants, who are not moderators?
In Web, I am able to see CC button.

In Mobile, these options only displaying.

Start Subtitles option will display in Mobile or not?

Is mobile the latest?

Yes, Jitsi-Meet 3.3.0 release we are using.

I cannot seem to reproduce it. Yes the icon is broken, we’ll fix it in the next release.

I see the option too…

My app version is 21.0.0 released on 26-March-2021.

You might try with this latest one.

Start Subtitles option is not displaying in app version 21.0.0 also.

That’s a little strange(!) as I can see that option with same version. Did you make any changes in the config files?

Have you checked in Web Application or Mobile Application?

Android app, version 21.0.0 released on 26-March-2021

Could you please share your android app screenshot with options.