Start new Videobrige when current videobriges are too loaded

How would you do this?
In what source file of Jicofo would i find this?

Thank you very much,

I would like to do this online

Jvbs can report their stress level or endpoints or some other metric and you monitor the average value and if it is above a threshold you start a new one …

You can also check the code in GitHub - jitsi/jitsi-autoscaler-sidecar: Sidecar service for jitsi-autoscaler but I’m not very familiar with it … but I know it is used for that

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And this GitHub - jitsi/jitsi-autoscaler: Jitsi Autoscaler microservice

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if i understood well, i could with an script monitor the current running VB’s and if i decide that they are too loaded, start a new VB’s without stopping Jitsi and Jicofo would “magically” notice it and start balancing also to this new VB.

by exactly the same ‘magic’ that it use to learn about the initial JVB in the default install: by being in the special room JvbBrewery@internal.yourdomain.youtld with all the videobridges and getting a message ‘jvbxx has entered the room’, just like you can see it when you are in a normal meeting with Jitsi-meet.

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