Start local recording using iframe api

Hi guys, I am currently using an iframe for my Jitsi server. And I just find out that the current now has a new local recording feature. I test it out by starting the conference using an iframe to URL.

But when i start the recording from iframe API (api.startRecording({ mode:“file”})) there are no popup “select screen to share” showing up. Instead, the recording is just started just like when using Jibri.

also, some log printed with this information :

  1. affiliation: “owner”
  2. features: Set(2) {‘’, ‘’}
  3. isFocus: false
  4. isHiddenDomain: true
  5. isReplaceParticipant: 0
  6. jid: “”
  7. role: “moderator”
  8. statsID: “jibri-44-178-138”

Can you help me with how to start local recording using iframe API?

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Looking at the code it looks to me like local recording is not yet supported by the startRecording command in IFrame API.

It is odd though that something appears to happen with api.startRecording({ mode: “file”}) in even though Jibri-based recording is not enabled there. I can repro that behaviour. And there is no way to retrieve the recording once it is stopped. I don’t think that’s an intended behaviour. Any ideas @damencho @saghul ?

Is there any plan to open up a new API soon for local recording? Or is it possible if I want to modify the API file without manually compiling the entire Jitsi?

I’m not a Jitsi dev, so I have no idea. I’ll try to propose a PR and we shall see if how it goes :crossed_fingers:

:pencil2: Edit: I’ve now raised this PR – feat(external-api) start/stop local recording by shawnchin · Pull Request #12210 · jitsi/jitsi-meet · GitHub. Let’s see how it goes.

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@shawn thank you for your help :pray:

Merged @shawn 's PR and created this one fix(external-api) Fix start recording by robertpin · Pull Request #12227 · jitsi/jitsi-meet · GitHub that adds some checks before starting the recording

@robertpin Thank you! :bowing_man: