Start live Stream visible for non moderators

Hi folks I have everything working as i want with the exception of a couple of things.

  • the option to ‘start live stream’ is visible to non moderators and I don’t understand what i need to do to disable that. I only want moderator to be able to see the menu item and documentation indicates that should be the case, but it isn’t. (See screen shot of ui for a guest log in attached)59

  • I would similarly like to only allow moderators to be able to share Youtube videos - how do i configure for that?

  • when i show a youtube video, if i am a moderator and have ‘follow me’ then jibri streams it fine, but other participants can’t see the youtube video? Is that expected?

  • finally, during a Youtube video is it possible to leave the audio of other participants running so they can comment in a way that audiences on the jibri encoded stream can hear their comments while the youtube audio is also playing?

Thanks in advance for all / any feedback!

You can change this here:
You can check how recording button is checking that:

Same as above:

This is not expected, there should be no difference between jibri and normal users.

This is was made on purpose, cause if a participant with speakers unmutes there will be multiple inputs of the video to all the participants one local and one remote with little delay. And if the unmuted participant is more than one, it is even worse.
We had tried it and we needed to add the automuting to make it usable.