Start audio/video muted individual user

Hi @saghul,

We are using lib-jitsi-meet in our UI.
We are trying to add user audio/video muted which is requirement.

Basically what we are doing, creating localtracks, calling track.mute() method and the conference.addTrack(track) method.

Issue we are facing is when user unmutes after sometimes, other users are not able to hear or see him. Can you please provide hint how can we achieve this,

btw users are asking to have option to mute only audio/only video or both.

Thanks in advance.

IIRC you can just not add the tracks. Just add them later if they want to send audio / video.

Ok, that’s what I have implemented but I thought I might be overdoing something when there is simple handling in lib-jitsi-meet.

Thanks for the response.