Start a room with Lobby enabled

Hi guys!
Fun request I have, is to set Lobby ON after the first one joins the room. Something like “startWithVideoMuted: true,” or “startWithAudioMuted: true,” . Is there a plan to have this in the near future, maybe an “initMeetingWithLobbyON: true”? Does someone know a workaround to get this working?
Thanks for any comments and thoughts in advance!


I too would have the same need.

I would like to be able to ensure that the moderator as soon as he starts the room, has the lobby enabled by default to prevent participants from entering without permission.

In practice, Jitsi lacks the ability to set the room password before starting it, as well as the ability to enable the lobby before creating the room … too bad because the product is fabulous and I congratulate all the developers and @damencho who it often makes itself available to the community.